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About us

BTREES is our digital communication agency with four offices and over thirty people.
It’s our home. The environment we’ve chosen to inhabit.
It all started from a startup, and now we are part of Gruppo Ebano.
The rest is natural growth.


We are a group of professionals working together to bring tomorrow’s content to life.

We are always in search of ideas and cross-pollination; and we believe that communication – that of a wide scope – can improve things, from small details to big issues.


We have a fluid approach to reality. At the same time, we like to think that in an underground territory, we are connected by something very solid: shared values.

In eight pictures – illustrated by Luigi Leuce – we have gathered the fundamental points, our house rules. A safe place to return to.

Benefit Corporation

When we talk about home, we have a clear idea in mind: a working environment that cares about the territory, the people, and fairness. We want BTREES to be a place where it’s nice to live: we take care of it.
In autumn 2023, we officially became a Benefit Corporation!