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Un ragazzo guarda in alto mentre è in una piazza di una metropoli

How amazing is this ad! We make sure the message gets everywhere, or rather: in the most suitable places, to the right target, starting from accurate audience targeting. We handle online advertising and more, including RTM as well as slow-release content.We have all the tools of the trade to build creative, disruptive, high-performing advertising campaigns.

Social ADV

Social advertising is in our DNA. Whether the goal is to increase e-commerce sales or website traffic, lead generation, or to grow Instagram followers, we craft the best campaign to achieve the desired results directly. Creativity, targeted audience, and emotional engagement are some of our favorite ingredients.

Google ADV

BTREES is a Google Partner. We are familiar with all the applications and possibilities of the media to structure effective Google Ads campaigns. We like to stay up-to-date with the latest news and opportunities in digital advertising and to be creative: we are experts and explorers at the same time.

Email Marketing

You’ve got mail! We create DEM (BTREES is a MailUp Partner!) to deliver the key message directly to the inbox. Planning, managing mailing lists, writing entertaining and persuasive texts. There’s more: we add automation mechanisms and nurturing activities: email marketing is one of our aces up the sleeve to add a more personal touchpoint to communication… always in compliance with GDPR!

Out Of Home

Outdoor advertising. The streets, squares, the world out there becomes our ideal stage: from merchandising to advertising brochures to urban furnishings and guerrilla marketing – a communication that is not afraid to step outside the box and screens.


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