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Una mano che tiene un cellulare

Social media are places that we know like the back of our hand. Strategy, editorial planning, content production, analysis, and reporting. We master all the actions connected to social media marketing, from launching a new channel to managing the community. The content is always in dialogue with the platform and the brand.

Content Management

Each content is a chapter of a broader story. We manage social presence from a dual perspective: we never lose sight of the bigger picture, and we work on each post in detail. Visibility on digital media is a matter of choices and methods: we know how to find the right ones for every project.

Digital PR

We live in a hyper-connected world, but that doesn’t mean we’re any less attentive to the personal sphere. It is precisely the spontaneous connections that make the difference. Social media is the perfect place to network. With digital PR, we position the brand in a favorable light, capturing attention and building a positive reputation.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the great word-of-mouth of the 3.0 era. We cultivate authentic and effective relationships for positioning, brand awareness, and web reputation. Sometimes the right ambassador can make all the difference: trust is an essential value, to be shared.

Contest & Challenge

Beyond the usual communication! We create unique and engaging experiences that encourage the audience to actively participate, generating interactions that amplify digital presence. Challenges, contests, and formats to remind everyone that communication is not a prescription: it’s a dialogue to be renewed with every post!


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