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how to position a fleet (on web)


Webfleet is a company within the Bridgestone group, with over 20 years of expertise in telematics services for corporate fleets and more than 60,000 clients. It is one of the world leaders in providing solutions for the management of corporate fleets. In collaboration with various international agencies to optimize its organic positioning, Webfleet also relies on the partnership with BTREES for monitoring the Italy-Spain area. The strategic objective is to increase and consolidate Webfleet’s visibility over competitors, thereby increasing the number of leads and, consequently, the sales generated.

Our work

During 2023, we optimized the Italian website of Webfleet, based on keyword research and a constant analysis of the competitors’ positioning to improve overall performance. The main activities involved optimizing the core pages of the site and the blog articles, carried out in collaboration with the international marketing team, as well as a backlink acquisition strategy. The SEO strategy was customized yet harmonized across all multilingual versions. Starting in 2024, BTREES extends its support to Webfleet also in the SEO optimization of the Spanish, Mexican, Colombian and Chilean versions.


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